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What’s a 4 letter word beginning with F managers should avoid?

Why do SMART goals not work as effectively as they can?

How is being objective instead of subjective more strategic for success as a manager?

In this easy to read book, Howard shows how to avoid The Manager Trap. By understanding the pitfalls and implementing tools which lead to solutions, manager’s jobs can shift from being overwhelming to fun and rewarding!

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Praise for The Manager Trap!!

You must read this book to get a fresh dose of reality on how to deal with management communication traps. Howard Miller draws on his extensive coaching background to provide you with a toolkit of easy, practical how-tos that are illustrated with real-life management stories and examples. This book shows you how to change your questions to powerful ones that lead to solutions and not more problems. Howard’s fun and humorous approach engages and challenges you to examine how to shift your focus and why it is important. This book is packed with unique approaches to setting goals, delegating, listening, and communicating. Read it and keep it handy.

Nannette Rundle Carroll, Author, The Communication Problem Solver: Simple Tools and Techniques for Busy Managers

I have attended many management seminars, and although they all had a general focus on how to be more effective at work, none of them actually defined the subject of “effectiveness” the way Howard Miller did. It delivers a direct, human, makes sense approach, and most importantly, it works! This book reflects what he teaches in his workshops. I recommend it to any manager who wants to have less hassle, a better understanding on how to be productive, and more fun on the job!

Ismael Barba, Director of Sales, airline industry

This is no nonsense, get to the point book full of key elements and valuable ideas that all managers should know and follow. It performs the real service of helping managers know how to behave in order to be successful.

Judith Wilson, Executive Coach and Lead Author of Coaching Skills for Nonprofit Managers and Leaders

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Stories of Shifting Difficult Situations to Positive Opportunities!After an eye-opening conversation with his father changed the way they communicated forever, author Howard Miller started examining other moments in his life and the lives of others for examples of simple everyday situations which lead to “shift.”

This inspiring book contains real-life stories showing we are all full of shift, always carrying within us the potential to transform and change. 

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Praise For You’re Full of Shift

Don’t reach for an aspirin, alcohol or drugs if you are depressed, frustrated or just plain out-of-sorts. “You’re Full of Shift” can help and there are no harmful side-effects! Michael Soon Lee – Author: “Cross-Cultural Selling for Dummies”

Howard Miller is a master at reframing negative situations so they become positive learning experiences. Read one story a day or search for an antidote to a current challenge. Either way, you’ll become excited by the opportunity life presents you to see a situation in a more positive light and to shift the experience of those around you as you do so.   Peggy Carlaw, Author: The Big Book of Customer Service Training Games, The Big Book of Sales Games.

Howard has a unique way of using self-deprecating humor to convey his message. This makes us laugh, enables us to accept our own human foibles, and helps us absorb and apply his poignant message. Nannette Rundle Carroll, Author: Communicate 2 Go™ for Managers

Howard’s stories of shift make me laugh and think of incidents in my life where I shared some of the same thoughts. The stories entertained me and also got me to shift my perspective when dealing with challenging situations in my life.   Edith Yeung – founder, SF Entrepreneur

Howard Miller’s anecdotes – drawn from the simple life experiences we all share – really opened my eyes to the many, many ways we have to lead better lives simply by changing our perspective. Howard has given me many new ways to look at life… and it is a richer one thanks to his insight.  Stuart McFaul, President, SpiralGroup

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