Are you talking gibberish to your employees? I think managers, at one time or another, have found themselves speaking “company talk,” standard lines that don’t sound sincere to you, but you say them anyway, and you know they sound like gibberish! Lines such as “everyone needs to pitch in,” “you […]

Fake news and Management

How do you unbiasedly listen to those employees you don’t trust? The term fake news has become prominent in our culture, causing more people to question what is true and what isn’t. As managers, you have that challenge every day, especially with those employees you don’t trust. Your lack of […]

Employees with bad attitudes!

What progress do you make with employees having bad attitudes? Probably not much.  More likely, it’s a regular source of stress and irritation to you. I remember a former manager told me I had a bad attitude.  I had two words for her, which, while proving her right in that […]

The Value of Company Values

How should managers handle company values? Company values are broad and subjective. Strive for excellence.  Integrity.  Customer Excellence These are examples of values companies espouse. How can you use these as a manager? Company values are broad in meaning on purpose.  They are meant to be subjective and up to […]