The 55-year-old millennial

What assumptions do we make about our employees based on age? The age stereotypes are popular and broad.  Millennials get the brunt of the jokes, everything from their wanting applause for just showing up for work to promoting them for everything they do!  Baby boomers get chastised for not being […]

Does that make sense?

How often do you use that phrase? The theory behind asking does that make sense? is to see if the person you are communicating with understands what you’re saying. However, its become such a catch phrase to use that the expected answer is yes.  Often the person who asks the […]

The key to listening

How can you be an effective communicator if you don’t listen?! We all know that an important aspect to being an effective manager is to communicate well with each employee. An important part of communication is the ability to listen.  Not to you, but to them! In my management classes, […]

Common Sense

Do you get peeved when an employee doesn’t seem to have common sense?! Common sense – two deadly words for a manager to dwell on. (with all due respect to Thomas Paine!) How come? We all get irritated when someone doesn’t do something that is common sense.  For example, they […]