Howard, I’ve been receiving your Soundbites since you started sharing them with your Fulcrum Point community.  I always found them interesting and amusing. However, I’ve recently been made a team leader at work, and I now find your Soundbites to be helpful as I navigate my new role and try to avoid the pitfalls that you write about. The most helpful perspective about the Soundbites is that they focus on the work that needs to be done and each person’s actions and behaviors, while reminding me to stay away from personality issues or personal biases. Thanks for your valuable input – keep them coming!

Karen Gee, Instructional Design Team Lead, Kaiser Permanente

I thank you for speaking to the women.  In my opinion your presentation was one of the best we have had in quite a while.  It was engaging, well prepared, entertaining, informative, and useful.  The organization of the presentation gave the audience something of value to take away in a consumable form.  Thanks so much for such a fabulous job.

Jennifer LeBrett, Executive Managing Director, eWomenNetwork ~ Sonoma County

I worked with Howard for only a few months. In this time I got the momentum to hire an employee (with a second one to follow), focused my prospective clients on ones I want by offloading other clients which were holding me back and raised my prices. I recommend Howard to anyone serious about growing their business.

Jason Pan, IT Consultant, San Francisco

When I was filling out my coaching intake form to work with Howard Miller and Fulcrum Point my goal was to double my income in three months. Even though I wrote it down I didn’t really believe it could happen. But it did! Howard helped me keep focus, get over beliefs which held me back so I could succeed. I know anything I want to achieve is possible and working with Howard will make it much easier to achieve!

Susan Oyakawa, chiropractor

I hired Fulcrum Point and Howard Miller to help focus on increasing effectiveness and productivity at my company. Since I started working with Howard we’ve aligned more and began putting processes into place. As a result I have personally gotten two hours of my day back to focus on increasing revenue for the company. Working with Howard Miller and Fulcrum Point does tip the balance in my favor. I can’t wait for the coming year to see the growth we achieve!

Arthur McLaughlin, Arthur McLaughlin and Associates

I started my business a couple of years ago. With the growth came unexpected overwhelm and stress. I hired Fulcrum Point and Howard Miller as my business coach last year. As a result, my business is growing faster, more revenue is coming in and I’m having more fun! Howard helps me with the process of expanding my business by helping me maintain my vision and be more precise with my immediate goals. In addition, he helps me keep a healthy balance in my life by teaching me motivating ways to stay excited! I believe anyone growing a business should have a business coach, and I highly recommend Howard as the coach to help your business grow to its potential!

Becky Shahvar, founder, Keeping Your Balance

I enlisted Howard’s help to channel new energy into my growing business. He is very skilled at knowing the best way to make a point resonate with the individual client, so much so that the impact continues after the coaching session.

Christina Chiesa, MBA. Real Estate agent

I have been working with Howard Miller in order to gain a new focus on my business as a mortgage officer with Integrated Mortgage. I have been in the field for quite a few years and have been very successful. But I wanted to clarify my goals and aspirations. With Howard’s help, I realized my desire was to smarter – work fewer hours and produce more. Howard is a business and life coach, so he has been invaluable in helping me to achieve new levels of success. April, May and June were the three biggest months I have had in the last two years. I would recommend Howard to anyone looking to create more success for themselves!

Phil Carlile, Mortgage Broker

Howard asks great questions, doesn’t let me get away with anything, helps keep me focused and does a wonderful job training me to reject the negative voice within that tries to limit my opportunities. His is a skill of opening and reinforcing possibilities!

Mari Willits, Lawyer, San Francisco

Howard assisted me in a radical career change. He identified what was getting in my way of reaching my goals and helped me gain new levels of confidence and self awareness. Howard is right on the mark, he is intuitive, perceptive, and reads you like a book, and best of all makes you laugh. I would recommend Howard’s coaching to anyone.

Kevin Dunn, Pacific Union GMAC Real Estate

I went to Howard Miller to adjust my marketing plan and get confirmation that I was moving in a productive direction. He helped me with my roadblocks, questioning the detours I had placed in front of my progress. He complimented my motives and ambitions; constrained my fears. I would recommend Howard to anyone who is not afraid to examine patterns that impede success; to anyone who wants to flourish.

Keith RS Hodge, Green Realtor

For over a year, my spouse was considering a career change. My continual “helpful suggestions” did not seem to be very helpful and an “Action plan” did not appear to be in sight. My spouse then saw Howard Miller. Within a short period of time of working together, Howard provided tangible advice and recommended actions that helped break through the log-jam. He substantially helped her to take risks that she normally would not have taken and were clearly the right choices for her. My spouse has now opened her own law practice that is prospering. As an added bonus, having a professional third party to work with my spouse during this time of transition (and beyond) relieved pressure and stress in our relationship. I would recommend Howard to anyone who is contemplating or facing major life changes.

Wendy Musell, Lawyer

I started working with Howard when I was in a very troubling work situation. With Howard, I was able to examine the situation from different angles and also come to terms with many of mine automatic negative patterns. This work changed my view of the situation and ironically at the end of this process I was offer another job that has turned out to be a much better fit for me.

Steven King, Architect

Howard Miller is able to pinpoint where I am and how to move forward. His style is phenomenal; it’s encouraging and non-threatening. I always feel better after meeting with Howard. From our meetings I have gotten into action and have gotten a lot more business!

Lee Denton, Real Estate Agent

Howard helped me recognize the issues I had with food and fitness. He then helped me find solutions and reach an awareness that allowed me to move to a new level. I couldn’t have gotten unstuck without him!

Deborah Lopez, Real Estate Agent

Howard Miller is very insightful and always asks the right questions. He has a knack for getting to the heart of the matter.

Beth Miller, Executive Director

Howard Miller has laser-intuition to help professionals get straight to the issues that block them from getting to their goals. A supportive, professional force, Howard is the secret weapon to success. I know – he helped me take my business objectives to the next level.

Penny Schultz , Human Resource Consultant

Howard has been great at helping me identify my objectives, prioritize them and focus on what steps I need to take to achieve my goals. His style is friendly and supportive, but he knows when I need a little bit of a push.

Jerry Becerra, Insurance Specialist

Howard Miller’s coaching has been vital in supporting my business. He has significantly helped me sharpen my focus and turn challenges into opportunities.

Robin Hofheinz, Sales Director