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Fulcrum Point Partners

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Management/Supervisory Training:

Interactive hands-on training that helps managers and supervisors work not as hard and get more results.  Topics include:


  • Role of Management

  • Feedback Essentials

  • Communication Essentials

  • Communicating using Behaviors

  • Motivation

  • Delegation

  • Coaching Skills

  • Time Management


Our expertise at Fulcrum Point Partners is focused on offering targeted education, designed to develop a stronger management team to grow your overall business. We believe that the process of redefining success starts from the leaders themselves and we bring the required spark of ideas and information, that will get your management team motivated to pursue more impactful goals, irrespective of where you are at the moment.


Change Management:

There are two types of change that a business may encounter, firstly, change imposed by circumstances and second, change that is planned and adapted to encourage growth or improvement.

We can develop training specifically focused on your current management challenges. At Fulcrum Point Partners, we are also ready to take on a customized training program if the need arises.

Our customized training involves monitoring your internal and external business environment, then from our findings, we will develop the perfect training program to suit your particular need. We can develop programs which can help to ensure that each member of your management team develops the right mindset in order to lead their teams.



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