After taking the Communication for Supervisors Class, my first line supervisors and I set up recurring bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with our employees and go through the talking points suggested by Howard.  These one-on-ones have been a great way to hear how work is going for our staffs and what assistance may be needed by them.  It also opens up other lines of conversation and leads to a more complete understanding by the supervisor of good things and challenges our employees are facing.

Howard’s Flex and Adapt guide to different personalities and how best to communicate with them has been invaluable.  It helps me prepare to convey information to people in a way that makes sense to them and leads to better understanding.  It also reduces my anxiety when I am preparing for a challenging meeting as it helps me to effectively craft my message towards a person’s communication preferences.  For example, we have a new team member who is a strong dominant and it’s been very helpful to know to just get to the point with this person.

US Government department manager

I was fortunate enough for my company to send me to Howard’s class on management prior to transitioning from individual contributor to manager. Having never been formally trained in management skills, all of the topics were new to me. Jumping between different teaching styles from discussion, case-studies, activities, Howard brought us through relevant topics that any manager would benefit from. I feel well prepared, excited, and almost confident to take on the new role of having direct reports. The class has definitely been a pivoting point in my life for the better! Thanks Howard!

R&D Engineer, soon to be management, Tech Company in Silicon Valley

Sample evaluations from participants in a recent Management Course:

  • Howard created a great environment for learning.  He helped me stayed engaged and made the topics relevant.  His teaching method was effective.
  • Howard is smart, knowledgeable, engaging and fun!  I learned a lot in this course.
  • Howard knew how to get the people involved and playing out real scenarios. 
  • Howard Miller was very engaging and knowledgeable.  He used individual and group exercises as a teaching style, and was very competent in this approach. 
  • I learned so much!
  • I was very pleased with Howard’s overall presentation of the material.  I also appreciated how he used our personal experiences and incorporated them into the training.  I would give Howard a 10 out of 10!
  • Loved the interactive course.  I learned a lot and have already started applying what I learned to real life situations.